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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my new website be mobile friendly?

Of course, each and every website we develop is responsive/mobile friendly. We also test each website on a number of popular phones and tablets to ensure the site looks great on every device.


How much does a website cost?

Pricing can vary greatly based on individual needs such as the number of pages, features, and number of revisions needed. Our minimum budget is $2000 and most small business websites range from $2000-$5000. E-Commerce pricing starts at $5000. If you have a set budget in mind, please let us know when you contact us. This allows us to let you know up front what we can accomplish within your budget.


How long does a web design project take?

From start to finish we recommend a standard 8 weeks for most small business website development projects to be completed. We can accommodate timelines of 4-7 weeks with minimal revisions if needed. Projects that need to be completed in less than 4 weeks are welcome but are subject to an additional rush fee.


Are there ongoing fees associated with a website?

Yes, along with an annual domain name fee ($10 – $15 typically), every website will need a hosting account. This is what keeps the website alive on the internet. These 2 expenses are required for any website. In addition, we do offer monthly care plans to keep your website running smoothly and extend the life of your website. Purchasing a website care plan is strongly recommended but not required.


Do you host websites?

We do host some websites that we develop on a case-by-case basis. Some projects are a great fit to be hosted on our servers while others may benefit from hosting with one of our trusted providers.


Can we manage our own website?

Yes, if you would like to manage or maintain your own website you are certainly able to do so. Our platform of choice is WordPress, which allows our clients to update their websites themselves. If you prefer to have Borlandia handle all website updates, we are happy to provide that service as well.


Will my website be optimized for search engines?

Basic SEO (search engine optimization) is included with all of our websites. We build all of our websites with the latest SEO techniques including responsive design and submit your website to the major search engines.


I already have a website but need someone to maintain and make changes. Can you help?

Yes, we offer monthly maintenance plans or we can simply bill hourly on an as needed basis. Please get in touch for more information.